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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 11, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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>> reporter: the chp shuts down the upper deck of the bay bridge. coming up -- the details behind one man's quest to end it all. >> reporter: we spoke with oakland's new mayor-elect, jean quan, and don perata. find out what both had to say about the voting system. and we go live to a bay area parade -- next on the channel 2 news at noon.
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good afternoon. we begin this noontime with the aftermath of the police activity that closed the upper deck of the bay bridge for two hours during the height of the commute. we have just learned new information about the driver who caused the chaos. jade hernandez joins us with an update on the investigation. live from chp headquarters in san francisco. good afternoon, jade. >> reporter: good afternoon. the man who shut down the bridge this morning used to be one of those people who responded to emergencies, as a red cross volunteer. but this morning, overcome by personal issues, he decided to end his life. the california highway patrol knew they had a problem on their hands after a driver called dispatch, stopping his ford explorer on the bay bridge during rush hour traffic. >> he brandished his gun, waved it in the air. he pointed it straight in the
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air. he did not point it at the officers in a threatening manner. from the officers' standpoint, it appeared to be a real handgun. >> reporter: the chp called for quickly for a negotiator, backup police and shen shut down the bridge. with the lanes closed drivers headed from oakland to san francisco got out of their cars and started making phone calls. >> i was hoping there was a place we could go turn around. >> i have never seen it closed before. i rolled down my window and i asked these two gentlemen and i said, is this common? they are from canada and were wondering the same thing. >> reporter: drivers were making u-turns to make their way back to the east bay about an hour in the standoff. >> i didn't know what was going on until my daughters called me. >> reporter: two hours after the shutdown the chp held a press conference explaining that the man believed his wife of 20 years was cheating on
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him. unbeknownst to his daughter, he invited her to breakfast and by the time he reached the bay bridge, he called authorities threatening to blow the car up, claiming he had a gun. he eventually threw the gun off the bridge. the chp did not find any explosives in the car. >> when we searched the car, we were able to locate another handgun. this year is not a real gun. this is a replica, but as you can see, it looks pretty real. >> reporter: an important note, carlos valentino never threatened the gun to officers, which he claimed was a pellet gun. he just waved it in the air. he faces numerous charges. i'm gonna bring you back out live here this afternoon because this is mr. carlos
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valentino. there's been an emergency protection order place on his wife and daughter which will keep valentino away from him in the time being. sergeant cross told us that this man, valentino, expressed extreme remorse for what he did today. reporting live in san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. one person is in the hospital following an early- morning shooting in sunnyvale. police say they found the victim near pershian drive near 2:00 a.m. this is video taken about an hour ago. >> you can see bullet casings all over the ground. police say the victim's injuries are not life- threatening. we talked to a neighbor who tells us there was an event at a nearby bar and there were a lot of people in the area at the time of the shooting. >> i was asleep and i heard some gunshots, four or five gunshots and then my grandson got up and he looked up and he saw a guy laying there on the sidewalk.
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>> ktvu spoke with sunnyvale police a short time ago. officers said they would release more information later. that includes whether there was an arrest or a motive determined in the shooting. a contra costa county oil refinery is back up and running after a power outage that led to a shelter-in-place warning for residents. this triggered a level iii emergency at the tesoro refinery yesterday afternoon. yesterday, all six of the flares were in operation to burn off fuels during the outage. the gases have the potential to release particulates into the air if they are left unburned. people living downwind from the smoke were advised to stay indoors. >> we were affected by it and we would like to understand what happened so we can look at things differently in the future. >> reporter: power was restored
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last night. the plant was fully operational. the investigation is underway into the full extent of what emissions were released. some were detected as far south as walnut creek. there's more at and you will find more video on the tesoro flareup. look for the bay area news tab. we finally know who will be oakland's mayor and the choice is historic. alameda county election officials released the final results of the mayor's race last night after voting results were figured in. jean quan defeated don perata by 2,000 votes, making quan the first female mayor and the first asian mayor for that city. here's more. >> reporter: we're in the piedmont area outside the monarch apartment building.
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inside, jean quan was meeting with residents as part of a veterans day appreciation lunch. she just left two minutes ago. it was her first public appearance since she was officially declared the winner of oakland's mayoral race last night. this morning we also heard from her opponent, don perata, for the first time since the election. he spoke in oakland and gave a concession speech of sorts. while perata said he had had no quarrels with the new vote ranking system, he did say -- rank choice voting system, he did say that people should take a good look at it. jean quon had a greater number of combined first and second votes. that made her the winner. perata doesn't plan to challenge the race but he does question the fairness of this voting system. >> i won by 11,000 votes on the
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popular vote and i defeated jean quan in 70 of the precincts. if this were a normal election, i would have been the landslide winner. >> reporter: just minute ago we caught up with mayor-elect quon. we asked for her response to his complaints. >> more people voted in this mayoral race than in history, 121,000 people. most of the other races that jerry brown and ron dellums were elected in had less than 90,000 voters. i got more votes than those two when they ran. i think it was more a democratic process. >> reporter: now, she says she has not gotten a phone call from don perata. she says she plans to call him
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today and ask him to lunch. san jose is considering a new tool to crack down on underaged drinking and they are looking into a law that would hold the parents responsible if they drink at home. the passenger was killed and the driver was arrested on a felony dui charge. it's unclear how the driver obtained the alcohol. the san francisco board of supervisors is considering several controversial plans to charge a toll for driving into parts of the city. one proposal would charge people out of theian town area between -- downtown area between 3:30 and 6:30 p.m., a $6. another would charge $3 to cross during the morning and evening rush hours. the money raised would be used
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to improve roads and other legislation would have to be approved by the legislature and would go before city voters. today is veterans day. schools are closed. there will be no mail delivery. several veterans days events are scheduled around the bay area. you can find a complete list on the website at look for the "right now" section on our home page. the 92nd annual veterans day parade is just about to get underway in downtown san jose. these are live pictures right now of some of the crowds down there waiting to see the parade happen. the celebration usually begins with opening ceremonies at cesar chavez plaza. that happened about an hour ago with chuck reed and other dignitaries. a very nice day for the parade. a lot of people waiting for it to get started. it was supposed to start ten minutes ago and it will continue to the tech museum. president obama is
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commemorating veterans day in south korea. he praised the men and women serving today and those who fought in the korean war. >> they left their homes and their families and risked their lives in what is often called "the forgotten war." today we want you to know this -- we remember. >> the president says the u.s. will navar waiver in its -- never waiver in his commitment. and joe biden laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldiers from world wars i and ii. an unknown soldier was exhumed after dna made it possible to identify his remains.
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we have some good news ahead about a small dog taken from an elderly woman by a criminal. [ singing ] >> some passengers have a sense of humor after a crippled cruise ship made it back to california. mark tamayo will have our weather and let us know if the temperatures will warm up. >> reporter: in san jose why more than a dozen students spend the night outside. diabetes testing? it's all the same. nothing changes.
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golden gate ferry riders will get a break as high as 30%. district officials backed down from a plan to raise fares for those riders who use discount cards. the new proposal will raise fares 10% this january. thousands of cruise ship passengers are back on solid ground after three days stranded at sea. one woman described her experience to a tune you might recognize. ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved resident like me. ♪ san diego not the sea ♪
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san diego not the sea. the ship was towed into the port in san diego. the fire in the engine room left passengers with no electricity, food and other amenities. >> it was kind of exciting to see the help we got out there. >> i never felt like we were in danger. >> the ship ran into trouble about 200 miles south of san diego. carnival is giving passengers a complete refund and a free cruise in the future. the pg&e manager who used a fake name to join an online discussion group opposed to the company's smartmeters no longer works for the utility. pg&e says william devero has resigned after being suspended. the company is not saying whether he was asked to step down. he headed up the $2.2 billion
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smartmeter program. some students are taking their lesson on homelessness outside. the students are camping out to raise awareness and learn just a little bit about what it's like to live without a roof over your head. kraig debro has the story from san jose. it's called poverty under the stars. every year, san jose university students pitch tents and sleep outside to highlight poverty and homelessness. they soon learn a night outside is nothing compared to a life on the street. >> it got very cold. it makes you think if we're cold wearing a scarf, tent, and a sleeping bag, how do those people feel not having any of those things? >> i think the government should provide healthcare and -- healthcare food and housing
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for the poor. >> reporter: accord fog santa clara county more than 7,000 -- according to santa clara county more than 7,000 homeless were counted here. people who sleep every night like these students did last night outside. >> poverty is not only for people who are identified with the guy with a long beard and sleeps on the street. it actually focuses on the hole community, including students. >> the students came out here to craw attention to the issue. the cal state university system yesterday announced a 50% tuition fee hike for next year. >> it couldn't have been better timing with this event going on and then waking up -- like we're planning for the event and then the next thing you know we read something about our tuition being hiked. >> if you block education, there is gonna be more poverty
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because they won't get a decent job. it doesn't make any sense to block the pipeline into better jobs. >> none of these students would ever think it, but the students realize that one day poverty under the stars could be a reality for them, and not just a one-time-a-year event. let's check in with mark tamayo. >> after a chilly start to the morning, temperatures are already beginning to recover. right now on the maps i can show you this, high clouds are moving into the north bay and also around the golden gate bridge. for the most part, we do have partly to mostly sunny skies. you can see in the system. we're looking out toward the veterans day parade which started a few minutes ago. you can see all of the
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activity. there's a great day for a parade no. windings out here. i will just be quiet and enjoy this. ♪ >> kind of a neat event out there. concord, napa 68. mostly sunny for your veterans day. chilly for tonight and temperatures will be warming up for your bay area weekend. as far as temperatures this afternoon, they will be ranging from 60 to 69. a few neighborhoods will be touching the 70-degree mark. here is the satellite and the overall weather pattern. we do not have any rain clouds in our five-day forecast. temperatures will continue to warm for your bay area weekend. mostly sunny skies for today. quite a few 60s and eventually a few more clouds pushing in. by 6:00, clear and cool and then by 9:00 patchy fog for the
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inland valley locations. but for the most part overall partly cloudy skies. you can see it warmer from the current levels. san jose, 69. san mateo, 65. half moon day tops out at 51. can you see. overnight lows, pretty chilly in napa, and san francisco 74 degrees. here is a look ahead -- your temperatures warming up on friday ands are the weekend. by saturday we're talking about low to mid-70s. and, tori, whenever it gets this nice this time of year, you know there he's something else coming around the 22nd. we'll keep an eye on that. an 80-year-old woman is happy to have her dog, duke, back. they say a tipster called about
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the purchase of the yorkie and the dog was identified by a microchip. christopher perkins is one of two suspects in custody. he was arrested november 4th. triple-a of northern california is making a generous donation to help feed the hungry. they are delivering 700 turkeys to the bay area, including glide memorial. reverend cecil williams says this will help feed 6,000 people on thanksgiving. but he says more turkeys are needed. the turkey donation is a long- standing tradition to help support the community. >> we're dropping off 90 turkeys here at glide memorial church. it's our 13th year of doing this on the backs of our tow trucks. throughout the bay area, we'll deliver over ten tons of turkeys. reverend williams says so far the church has served 300,000 meals. he expects a large number of people.
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we'll take a closer look at stocks ahead. investors are having a rough day. also word that more jobs are coming to northern california, including the bay area.
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the euro under pressure dropping from its lowest level since early october among increasing concern about the situation with ireland and the nasdaq is getting hit by a
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downbeat report from cisco systems. the nasdaq is down 9 o the nasdaq is down 25. the fresh and easy supermarket plans to open up 12 more stores. it says it will hire a total of 270 people to work in napa, concord, walnut creek, danville, san jose, pacifica, san francisco, vacaville and modesto. fresh and easy executives say they focus on good food and emphasize greener shopping practicings. some stores even reserve parking spaces for hybrid cars. coming up tonight at 5:00, family and friends of a barbershop owner shot by police are marching in the streets of oakland this afternoon. we'll tell you why they claim the incident is part of a growing train of police misconduct. that's -- that story and more coming up on the ktvu
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channel 2 news at 5:00. as we leave, we leave you with the parade going on in downtown san jose.
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